MBA (Marketing and Finance)

Marketing is a combination of art and science appealing to creative people with an analytical orientation whereas Finance is the study of financial markets & instruments which enables investment decision making.

BIMHRD offers a two-year full-time program in MBA (Marketing and Finance). The program helps the students to equip themselves with the practical knowledge of current industry scenarios along with course curriculum , skills and value.

To serve the needs of the changing horizons in financial dynamism in the industry, the course MBA (Marketing and Finance ) helps to have intricate knowledge of finance, accounting, corporate finance, portfolio management and the relation of all these aspects on overall Marketing dynamics of complex Industries.

The primary objective of the course is to develop future finance managers with the knowledge of marketing with the right vision of emerging trends in the business world. Factors such as globalization, deregulation, mergers and acquisitions, competition and technological innovations have forced companies to rethink their business strategy. In today’s ever-changing business environment, finance executives are exploring ways in which the financial function can bring great value to their organizations. The emphasis is placed on developing an analytical mind, which seeks the right knowledge, the right skills and imbibes the right leadership attitude.


Students with a management degree in finance have umpteen opportunities in India and overseas. Finance plays an important  role in the working of any organisation.  MBA in Finance prepares students for careers in financial planning,banking ,corporate finance and accounting.It helps in handling the financial transactions in an efficient and effective manner.This professional degree course also offers enormous opportunities in top-level international firms.

An MBA in Finance can work in banking and non-banking sectors, including corporates. Every organisation has a finance department and requires a financial expert for maintaining the balance of capital. The skilled finance students can be part of the capital market, top-notch organisation, finance ministry or related organisations. Apart from all this, you can always be your own lord and master by having your own start-up or working as a freelancer.

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