With an aim to understand the changing landscape of the global industry trends, and to nurture, empower and strengthen the human capital from various sectors, under one single roof, BIMHRD has been hosting HR Meets annually. Every year, the HR Meet Coordinators invites senior HR heads from different parts of the country. The HR meet […]


Durga Puja reminds us that femininity calls for celebration, as assorted rituals during the festival laud the Goddess for her role in exorcising the evil buffalo Mahishasura. The festival exemplifies a yearly invitation to the omnipotent Goddess to eliminate satanic forces on earth as well. The Atmosphere is extremely blissful on all the nine days […]


Your input is of utmost importance to NIJ.NIJ aims to engage leaders & change-makers like you through relatable content. The Inter Institute Debate competition is organized by New India Junction for current issues like Health Reforms, Elections etc. and certificates are also provided to the Student Managers.

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